Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
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cvars, alphabetical
cvarwolfenstein 1.33 defaultbanimod defaultfunction
g_accuratemauser 0 0 if set, unscoped mausers are as accurate as an mp40
g_airAccuracy 0 0 allows accurate firing while airborne
g_antispawnkill 0 0 time (in seconds) after spawning during which enemy fire on a newly spawned player is considered spawnkilling
g_assassindrain   5 Amount of health assassin targets lose per second
g_assassinhealth   400 Amount of health assassin targets are given
g_assassinkills   5 Number of assassinations required to win in Assassin game mode
g_assassintargetscore   10 Points awarded for assassinating a target
g_banmaps     list of maps to be blocked from callvotes
g_bancmds     list of callvotes to be blocked entirely
g_banner1 .. g_banner8     Banner text to be displayed
g_bannerlocation   1 Location to display banner text
0 - server info area
1 - player chat area
2 - center of the screen
g_bannertime 0 30 Time (in seconds) to cycle between banners
g_bbsanitycheck 0 0 if set, tries to fix the "lagging players are invincible to bullets but not grenades" bug
g_campindicatorscale   40 size of the indicator drawn above camping player's heads
g_campprotect 0 0 if set, enables the anti-camping system
g_camppenalty   0 penalty on camping players
0 - none
1 - bullets are illuminated
2 - indicator over their head
4 - inflict g_camppenaltydamage damage
g_camppenaltydamage   0 amount of damage to inflict on camping players if g_camppenalty is 3
g_camppenaltymessage   %s ^3was penalized for camping! message given to camping players. must contain a "%s" somewhere in the cvar which will be replaced by the player's name
g_campradius   100 radius (in quakeunits) under which less movement in g_camptimeout seconds is considered camping
g_campwarnmessage   %s ^3- You have 5 seconds to move or be penalized for camping message printed to players who are about to be penalized for camping. must contain a "%s" somewhere in the cvar which will be replaced by the player's name
g_camptimeout   0 time (in seconds) during which a non-moving player is considered camping
g_choosesmg 0 0 allows engineers and medics to choose their smg via /mp40 or /thompson commands
g_co 0 0 enables the commanding officer player class
g_corpseTime 5 5 time (in seconds) corpses remain
g_cursedamage   0 damage to inflict on players who say words in g_cursefilter
g_cursefilter     list of words to filter from chat
g_cursemsg   ^3No cursing! message given to players who say words in g_cursefilter
g_delagHitscan 0 0 enables unlagged gameplay
g_deprive_author_of_credit 0 0 disables the server mod and version notification during warmups
g_destroyabledynamite 0 0 if set, engineers may shoot their own dynamite to detonate it (but doing so won't trigger objectives)
g_detailedlogs 0 0 enables detailed logging of game events
g_dthchangetime   0 time (in seconds) that the hill moves in DTH game mode
g_emptyscript     name of script to be executed when the last player leaves the server
g_emptyserverquit 0 0 time (in seconds) when a server is empty, that it will automatically shutdown
g_extendedvotes 0 0 if set, enables extended vote commands
g_fixunbalanced 0 0 number of g_notifyunbalanced notifications after which the server will automatically force balanced teams through balance_teams
g_games     Defines a game menu file
g_gametype2     Banimod gametypes
0 - normal wolfenstein gametype
1 - Goldrush
2 - King of the Hill
3 - Ultra Checkpoint
4 - currently unused
5 - Assassin
6 - Dynamite the Hill
g_goldweight   5 percent speed reduction that each gold causes in Goldrush game mode
g_gravitymax   2000 maximum value allowed for g_gravity callvotes
g_gravitymin   100 minimum value allowed for g_gravity callvotes
g_guid 0 0 enables the /guid command
g_hcap 0 0 enables the /hcap command
g_headshotonly 0 0 0 - normal game mode
1 - only headshots inflict damage
2 - only headshots inflict damage, with audible feedback of hits
g_helmetdamage 50 50 amount of damage a headshot inflicts on a helmeted player
g_persistentgravity 0 0 g_gravity remains set between map restarts
g_instagib 0 0 enables instagib weapon mode - all players get an accurate unscoped mauser which gibs with 1 shot
g_knockbackmax   30000 maximum value allowed for g_knockback callvotes
g_knockbackmin   0 minimum value allowed for g_knockback callvotes
g_kothchangetime   60 time (in seconds) that the hill moves in KOTH game mode
g_kothminautomovetime   0 time (in seconds) the hill will move if it is recaptured by the enemy (prevents the hill from being too easily held near spawnpoints)
g_lockcmds     callvotes to be locked out after g_locktime seconds
g_locktime   0 time (in seconds) after a match starts when g_lockcmds callvotes are locked out
g_majorityPercent 0 0 percent majority by which yes votes will win a callvote if the callvote times out
g_noairstrike 0 0 currently unused
g_noartillery 0 0 currently unused
g_nodefusedynamitecheat 0 1 if set, disables the same-team disarm dynamite exploit
g_noflamethrower 0 0 if set, disables flamethrowers
g_nogrenades 0 0 currently unused
g_noknives 0 0 currently unused
g_nomauser 0 0 if set, disables mausers
g_nomg42cheat 0 1 if set, disables the engineer mg42 exploit
g_nopanzerfaust 0 0 if set, disables panzerfausts
g_nopistols 0 0 currently unused
g_nosnipercheat 0 1 if set, disables the sniper no-recoil cheat
g_nosuicidebug 0 1 if set, fixes the mg42 suicide bug
g_noteamswitchcheat 0 1 if set, disables the ff-off team-switch cheat
g_notifyunbalanced 0 0 time (in seconds) to notify players that teams are unbalanced
g_novenom 0 0 if set, disables venoms
g_novoicechatcheat 0 1 if set, disables the vsay cheat
g_pilot 0 0 enables the rocket pilot player class
g_pilotsplashdamage   300 amount of damage rocket pilots inflict when they explode
g_playdead 0 0 If set, enables the playdead command
g_players 0 0 enables the /players command
g_poisonknife 0 0 if set, all knives kill with 1 stab
g_randomairstrikes 0 0 if set, randomizes airstrike arrival time
g_rules     Rules file to be displayed for the /rules command
g_semiadmin 0 0 If set, enables the semiadmin system
g_semiadmincmds     List of console commands semiadmins have access to
g_semiadminpass     Defines the semiadmin password
g_settings 0 0 enables the /settings command
g_shove 0 0 Enables the /shove command
g_shoveAmount   80 Amount of knockback to inflict by a /shove
g_shoveDamage   0 Amount of damage to inflict by a /shove
g_showbullets 0 0 if set, all bullets show special tracers
g_showhits 0 0 if set, all hits show entity bounding boxes
g_showvotes 0 0 if set, all players votes are displayed publically
g_slideItems 0 0 items (gold, bodies, etc) obey the laws of physics and slide down slopes
g_spawnprotect 0 0 time (in seconds) newly spawned players are invulnerable
g_spawntelefrag 0 0 enables telefragging of enemies when players spawn on top of them
g_scout 0 0 enables the scout player class
g_speedmax   1000 maximum value allowed for g_speed callvotes
g_speedmin   100 minimum value allowed for g_speed callvotes
g_spy 0 0 enables the spy player class
g_stendamage 14 14 amount of damage sten bodyshots inflict
g_teamjoinwait 30 30 Time (in seconds) players are restricted from changing teams
g_teamkillpoisongold   0 if set, the specific player who kills a teammate for their gold will be gibbed when they try to pick up that gold
g_underwaterpistols 0 0 if set, pistols can fire underwater
g_votecredits   0 default callvote credits players start with
g_votecost1 .. g_votecost5     list of callvotes and their associated cost in credits
g_warmupscript     currently unused
g_waypointscale   30 size of player waypoint indicators
Send comments/suggestions to banimod at anime dot net
Thanks to ikkyo for help developing this mod.