cvar unlockers...

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cvar unlockers...

Post by fuego »

I have just recently discovered that some ppl are doing this... what is it exactly? I don't know if its a cheat or legit...

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Post by Deus »

as the name says it unlocks cvars that are locked.

IMO this is cheating (since certain cvars are locked for a certain reason) and should be punished with full force!
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Post by ouroboro »

i suggest you pass on any details you have to punkbuster. these hacks - and that's precisely what they are - were supposedly defeated by PB long ago. in fact, many servers no longer check for cheat-protected cvars because we were assured by PB that there was no longer any need, since the unlockers were not a problem any more.

if this is no longer true, they need to be alerted ASAP.

btw, PB kicks for certain cheat-protected cvars, like cg_thirdperson, by default. but not for arguably the most damaging one, and the one most cvar-unlocker-punks would be wanting to use, r_shownormals.

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Post by DG »

PB only ever checked for disallowed values for a few locked cvars. r_shownormals != 0 certainly used to result in a kick?
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Post by SANDMANN »

I had one of these for RTCW PB kicks for most of the commands in RTCW. I dont think there is even anything worth using it for, but i could be wrong.
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