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Post by Tony(McPANTS) »

alo im i right in thinking to use etadmin i must have admin rights to the server? im asking because the server in question is a rented server where they want more money to admin it, :(
if so is there any other proggies i could use?
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Post by Locked_On »

Yes, you have to have shell access to run etadmin. ET Pro has semiadmin functions built in and you can also use RCON and REF, although ref doesn't limit commands the way other methods can and you wouldn't want everyone to have RCON access.
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Post by Kinetic »

I have SSH acces of my rented server. Please tell me how it works with ETadmin. People don't like the semiadmin you have to do type ten different cmds to kick someone. By the time you can kick him he all ready left.

So If someone nows how to use SSH, please tell me. The company that is hosting my server are making a tutorial for starting the ETadmin_mod but it takes to long. so please help me :D
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Post by 2/3Soul »

You'll probably get a better response to your pleas for help on the ETAdmin Mod forums:

Or alternatively, there is a wiki on the site which contains useful information on running ETAdmin mod:
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