UPDATE Jan 15 09 - exploits actively abused

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Post by ReyalP »

People are apparently exploiting the wwwdl command to cause all clients on the server to be dropped with "illegible server command"

Here's a quick and dirty workaround server admins can use to prevent this:

1) Open etded.exe / .x86 in your favorite binary safe editor.

2) Find the string
"SV_WWWDownload: unexpected wwwdl %s"

3) Change the %s to %x

4) Profit!

Ty benny for pointing this exploit out.

edit: clarification
edit: linux works too, as expected.
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Post by Kissaki »

The link to the combinedfixes.lua in the first post is dead,
404 Not Found.
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Post by macbeth »

since we use the etfix we are having more problems
lag, spikes, and maps glitches
i send a ticket at evenbalance and finally tghey answered

Note #2: we haven't heard of any PunkBuster exploit. Can you give us further information?
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