ET Pro 3.1.12 Public Beta Release

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Post by ruwen »

It seems that my server always restart the map.
Etmain worked fine.

I am starting the server with:
"./etded +set fs_homepath /home/basti/enemy-territory +set fs_game etpro +set sv_punkbuster 1 +set net_ip +set d
edicated 2 +exec test.cfg"

I only unzipped the etpro zip, downloaded the (md5sum checked).


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set g_log "lcng.log"
set logfile 2

OS: Debian woody

Any Idea how to get more informations?
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Post by Deus »

uber_noob wrote:Can you tell why it was confusing the player slot-numbers on clientkick and similiar commandos?
if the player who should get kicked was dead and speccing another player the speced player was kicked.
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Post by mortis »

I had trouble unzipping the battery script on one of my unzipping utilities "ExtractNow". Battery.script was just a blank file inside. The other scripts expanded correctly. When I used "ZipFree", all the scripts (including battery) expanded correctly. I don't know if this has anything to do with people having crashes on battery, but I would recommend that they replace their battery script to verify my result.

Anyone else have this issue?

Our server hasn't had this issue, it is just something I discovered while looking to see if my supply depot fixed scripts (with spawn point and magic hovering gold fixes) had been included, /hint! /hint!

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Post by ruwen »

mortis wrote:Battery.script was just a blank file inside.
Anyone else have this issue?
My Battery.script contains a lot of text :)
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Post by Morcheeba »

server runs very fine with new qagame.
if u want u can visit us on i have b_wolfrof set to 1
so u can test the gameplay changes. ( imo this changes the whole game )

and many thanks to etpro team for providing us with this new release.