need: rifle recharge slower

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need: rifle recharge slower

Post by eiM »

Hello dear modders and scripters :)

As the competetive format of ET currently is moving to 5on5 I wonder if it would anyhow be possible to change the recharge of the rifle engineer only, independant of the smg engineer.

So to speak the recharge of the rifle engineer should take longer than the one of the smg engineer, or if not possible, rifles should need more of the recharge bar as they do now. To weaken the rifle a bit which is quite overpowered in 5on5 gameplay.

Any ideas on how to get this done is highly appreciated.

We need your help =)

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Post by Micha! »

Maybe it's possible to lock the rifle nade for some seconds (with lua)
or look how the source code for rifle is and change it. Make a dll/so and put it in a pk3.
The Problem would be that you can't control if the players will use it in wars.
I mean the server admin don't need to put the lua in the mod folder, so the charge will be still the same as normal.

Sry for my bad english

check this out: ... php?t=4138
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