most awesomest movie evar

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most awesomest movie evar

Post by bani »

snakes on a plane

and the highly awaited sequels: snakes on a train, and snakes on a boat

it's got samuel l. jackson in it, so you know it's gonna be one BAD MOTHERFUCKER!!11!11oneone

can't imagine why the MPAA is complaining about declining sales...
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Post by Fusen »

at least when talking about the sequals you can say

"it's like snakes on a plane, but with a boat!" ;D

geddit? :X
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Post by Pedro »

Just leave Fusen, go on, go.

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Post by WeblionX »

All the cool movie titles, such as "OMG LOL WTFBBLSnakesOnBoard", were already taken. Also, all the good movie plots were taken, too. Apparently someone raided the supply closet a few weeks ago and they never got their shipment in.
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Post by hiro »

seems that's not the only snake-related black film that Samuel L. Jackson is appearing in... ... news.shtml

"The plot involves a white nymphomaniac who must be "cured" of her disorder by an older black bluesman."
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