1.1.50 - release candidate 5 - codename "Maat"

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Post by =SWAT=Kenny »

i am seeing another client crash item. when map rotatates and 30 seconds after warm up ends the server will crash 20-50% of the client. it is not during warmup nor is it when they are loading. the clients are completely loaded and are running fine. no error is given either. wolf just crashes.

keep in mind we are the only server that rotates maps.
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Gyro Gearloose
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Post by Gyro Gearloose »

I also can't get the new sounds to work.

:oops: Sorry, my mistake. I put the new server files in my \main directory instead of \bani, then ran the server from \bani. Problem solved! Not your fault! :oops:
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Post by WeblionX »

Yeah, I got disconnect from the =SWAT=Obj server when it was loading Snowfun. I guess my computer hates that map as much as I do. :P
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Post by I-M nUbee »

I'm sure most of you have already caught this one but what the hey... when you type /settings and g_kickablegrenades are enabled, the words kickablegrenades are duplicated. Not that this is a big deal or anything just wanted to point that out.
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Post by duke'ku »

Still, when you TK with a shotgun, it appears like:

"WolfPlayer was killed by WolfPlayer's shotgun"
instead of
"WolfPlayer was KILLED BY TEAMMATE Wolfplayer"
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Post by Boco »

And we need a VSAY ThatsOK. If somebody says sorry, I really have no clue how to respond except by saying, "YES". Is there a correct voicechat to use? Am I just crazy? Great. I am confusing myself now... x_x
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