Hiring programmers for Wolfenstein's multiplayer

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Hiring programmers for Wolfenstein's multiplayer

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go, go etpro team :)
Endrant Studios is excited to announce that our first project is a co-development partnership with Raven Software and Activision Blizzard on id Software’s Wolfenstein™. We’re currently hiring for this project and our future titles.

We are looking for passionate, motivated creators with a positive attitude and a desire to make fun games for a world-wide market. Although experience is important, its not as important as talent or attitude. We are building upon a strong leadership base, and maintaining a positive work environment with good people is the overall goal for Endrant.

Please read over the roles in the area you are applying and focus on the position that most closely matches your existing skill set. If you have any questions about what we are looking for email us.

We are actively looking for the following positions:

* Programmer
* Gameplay Programmer


p.s www.wolfenstein.com ( u can see some screnies of mp classes )
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