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GUID registry for veteran servers

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Der Kammisar
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I get it now. :oops:

At a fixed point in time, a person can have a max of 2 GUIDS. The non-PB ID one (Which will be the same from now to eternity), and the PB one which can change depending on whether your IP changes.

I have 5 server logs from 5 different servers each one running either straight Wolf or a mod. To track one person down across all the logs I'd have to know both of his GUIDS.

Anyways, thanks for the help.
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=SWAT=Kenny wrote:
bani wrote:GUIDs are calculated off your cd key, and they always remain the same no matter what server you connect to. This applies to both punkbuster and non-punkbuster servers.
ID guids DO NOT = PB guids
But neither one of them changes based on your IP. Your ID guid and your PB guid will never change.
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pb mentioned that they were going to bind the ip to the cdkey and then calculate the guid. guess it dont matter to me cause pb just dont do for us.
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TEAMMATE-8163 wrote:i know for a fact that reinstalling wont change your guid.
It does mine. That's why I didn't do the vet server reg till now... my guid wasn't the same because I had to install the game every time I wanted to play...
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Then you either used different CD keys or your game is very badly messed up.
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ok i'm confused, if you get your guid off a server with pb on to be eg a semi-admin and then disable pb and log on will it recognise you as an admin?
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Der Kammisar
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I believe that you need both GUIDS to be recognized no matter how you connect. An admin would know for shure.

A GUID related question and a feature guesstimate:

Is the /players command a stock Wolf thing or a Bani thing?
If it is a Banimod feature, how hard would it be to write to the server log the client's GUID and class upon a client connect connection?

During my brief log research I've decided the following:
GUID is the most stable way to track players.
The server log has far better information (ie classes, ammo handouts, med handouts, shoves, etc. ) than a client log.
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