Veteran Registry FAQ

GUID registry for veteran servers

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Veteran Registry FAQ

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Q. Veteran Registry? Huh?
A. The Veteran Registry is for registering your GUID so that you may play on Veteran-only servers.

Q. GUID? huh?
A. From evenbalance:
What is a guid?

In general, GUID is an acronym that stands for “globally unique identifier”. The guid inside PunkBuster is used to identify players with something more solid than their playing name or IP address. Your guid is loosely based on the cdkey that was used to install the game on your computer. When Server Admins kick or ban a player from their server(s), PunkBuster uses the player's guid to enforce the kick/ban. Since it is based on the game installation, it is a better way to identify individual players than by looking at their IP address or playing name. For those concerned about privacy, PunkBuster uses a 128-bit one-way hash (a mathematical function) to generate the guid from the cdkey so that no one can figure out or compute your cdkey by knowing your guid.
Q: "Isn't posting my GUID a security risk?"
A. No. You can already get a list of the GUID of every player on the server by doing a /pb_plist. Evenbalance wouldn't have let players do this if they considered it a security risk.

Q. Garsh, that GUID is too long to write down!
Majikthise wrote:here's another way to get it, if you don't feel like writing the whole thing down, and/or getting it wrong.

After you get in a server, and do the pb_plist you can do /condump filename.txt. This will dump the console into a text file in the banimod directory, so you can cut and paste it here.
Q. Veteran? Huh?
A. In order to qualify for veteran status you must know the following:
  • You know how to play goldrush and assassin gametypes.
  • You know what a "cow" is in goldrush.
  • You know what "cow tipping" is in goldrush.
  • You know how to play pilot, spy, scout, and CO player classes.
  • You know how to call votes using /callvote game
  • You know why g_gravity 0 is stupid
  • No accusations of aimbotting or cheating without recorded demos as proof.
By registering your GUID here you agree to the following terms:

You will not behave in a disruptive or disrespectful manner to other players.

This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Teamkilling
  • Door blocking
  • Foul language, racist or other slurs
  • Bad attitudes
  • Sabotaging your team's play
  • Cheating
  • Muppeting other players
  • Vote and chat spamming
Violating these terms will get you a permanent ban from the Veteran servers, and possibly a ban from ALL servers.