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Post by squadjot »

jsut a question: why cant u do \reconnect while downloading unwanted material..

when i see im downloading useless stuff..i type \cl_allowdownload 0; reconnect

now i have to disconnect first.. really no big difference..jus wondered..

and..ow..once i think i saw a stat bug.. i had too many kills (for sure).. bad bugreport..cause i have no nothing. but it showed 24 kills.. and i had maximum killed 5 -6 peopel that round..

ill post a demo if it happens again.. (doesent do that much on public tho)
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Post by EagleReloaded »

If you're talking about the stats that appear on the scoreboard at the end of the round, those are randomly broken and take into account your score on every map so far in the current or previous campaign from what I've seen.
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Post by Deus »

if you played stopwatch they count both offense && defense
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Post by Dersaidin »

Some great /important fixes. Nice work.

The major bug I still get is with fireteams and private fireteams. Inviting the wrong people or inviting someone and it lets someone else in.

Its very messed up :(
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Post by dA*Rogue »

From what I've seen, seems stats get broken if you're slow to load/connect to the new map.