Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
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Win32: To install - make a directory at the same level as your wolfenstein/main directory called bani, eg wolfenstein/bani and put the qagame_mp_x86.dll file there. Start up the server as usual but with the addition of +set fs_game bani on the command line.

Linux: To install - make a directory ~/.wolf/bani and put the file there. Add the parameter +set fs_game bani to your server commandline.

The default configuration of banimod changes nothing about gameplay except fix all the bugs, cheats, and exploits listed as "banimod default" in the Anti-cheats, Anti-Exploits, Bugfixes section of the Feature guide documentation.

If all you want are the cheat, exploit, and bugfixes, then no further configuration is required.

If you plan to run a non-stock rtcw server, eg use any of the extended banimod features, you should probably enable the player command /settings via seta g_settings 1 so that players may view the server settings.

If you want to enable the extended voting commands for your players, you should seta g_extendedvotes 1.

Enabling the /players command is recommended so that your players can call votes to kick players by their player slot id.

A full alphabetical cvar list and a full feature guide is available.

New server commands
cancelvotecancels any vote in progress
clientkillkills a player by clientid
passvotepasses any vote in progress
broadcastbroadcasts a message to all clients in the center of their screen

Upgrading from banimod 0.50 or 0.53.*
Many of the cvar defaults have changed, and new ones have been introduced so that the banimod default installation is the same as stock RTCW 1.33.

The following cvars will be the most relevant ones for admins upgrading their servers from 0.50 or 0.53.* releases:

g_corpseTime (now seconds instead of milliseconds)

You should check the alphabetical cvar list or feature guide to ensure that these new cvars are set to match your existing server configurations.
Send comments/suggestions to banimod at anime dot net
Thanks to ikkyo for help developing this mod.