Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
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If you connect to a server running banimod, you can find out how the admin has the server configured, so you will know what player classes and options are available to you. You may use the /settings command to find out.

If you get the response Unknown Command "settings", the admin has not enabled any of the extended banimod features, you may stop reading now. :-)

You will see a response similar to the following, depending on how the admin has configured the server:
Weapon modes: instagib underwaterpistols poisonknife destroyabledynamite nopanzerfaust
Game settings: extendedvotes spy co scout pilot playdead shove anticamping
g_gravity is 150 (default is 800)
g_speed is 600 (default is 320)
g_knockback is 2000 (default is 1000)

Weapon Modes?
instagibevery player gets an unscoped mauser which is accurate, and gibs with a single shot.
headshotonlyonly headshots inflict damage
underwaterpistolspistols can fire underwater
poisonknifeknives kill with a single stab
destroyabledynamiteengineers can shoot their own dynamite to detonate it (but doing so won't trigger objectives)
nomauserthe admin has disabled mausers
nopanzerfaustthe admin has disabled panzerfausts
novenomthe admin has disabled venoms
noflamethrowerthe admin has disabled flamethrowers
showbulletsall bullets show special tracers
showhitsall hits show entity bounding boxes

Game Settings?
extendedvotesextended vote commands are enabled
spythe spy class is enabled
cothe commanding officer class is enabled
scoutthe scout class is enabled
pilotthe rocket pilot class is enabled
choosesmgengineers and medics can choose smg via the /mp40 or /thompson command
playdeadthe /playdead command is enabled
shovethe /shove command is enabled
playersthe /players command is enabled
anticampinganticamping system is enabled

Player commands
/coSelects Commanding Officer player class
/pilotSelects Rocket Pilot player class
/scoutSelects Scout player class
/spySelects Spy player class
/waypointCommanding Officer waypoint functions
/delagEnables/disables your delag settings
/indicatorEnables/disables on-screen waypoint indicators
/mp40For medics and engineers, selects an mp40 as your smg.
/thompsonFor medics and engineers, selects a thompson as your smg.
/playdeadEnters and exits feign death mode.
/gamesDisplays server game menu
/rulesDisplays current game rules
/guidReturns your GUID
/settingsDisplays server settings
/playersLists each player on the server and their slot ID
Commanding Officer:Give ("Designate") waypoint
Commanding Officer:Set waypoint
/newbieRemoves the newbie message from your screen.
Send comments/suggestions to banimod at anime dot net
Thanks to ikkyo for help developing this mod.