Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
Banimod - [AV]bani's Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod
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The Spy
The spy's trade is deception and infiltration.

Select the Spy player class with the /spy command.

Although spies hear their own footsteps, spies are silent to everyone else. Spies are seen, but not heard.

Spies are equipped with a poison knife, which kills with a single stab.
Poison Knife
A spy admires his hard work

Spy Disguise
Spies may disguise themselves by switching to the enemy's uniform with the /special1 command.
Be careful your teammates don't mistakenly kill you!

Spies may wear the enemy uniform for a limited time. When your charge bar runs out, you revert back to your team uniform...

Enemy spies are detected by aiming your crosshairs at a player.
If you don't see a teammate's name show up, you have detected an enemy spy!
Axis in Normal uniform
Axis in Disguise

Spies may spot enemy players by using the /special2 command.

Your teammates will see enemy players on their screen in two ways: if your teammates have a direct line of sight to the spotted enemy, the enemy will have a flashing triangle above them. If the enemy is not directly visible, your teammates will see a flashing arrow pointing in the direction of the spotted enemy.

Spies are especially useful for spotting camping enemy players or enemy objective carriers. Enemies remain spotted for 20 seconds.
Spotting the enemy
Direct line of sight

Non-direct line of sight
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Thanks to ikkyo for help developing this mod.